Can’t Hear Your Friends?


4th June 2019 – Guides

This simple fix might help.

One common problem reported by customers is that they can hardly hear the person they are talking to on the phone. More often then not there is a simple solution to fix this.

This can be really annoying especially when you take important calls quite often. The most common reason for low volumes during a call on your iPhone is the lint and the dirt particles that get clogged in the speaker grill of the earpiece.

The best way to clean these is with a super soft bristle toothbrush. Gently brush the speaker port opening to remove any debris that may have accumulated. Do not press really hard as the bristles may damage the mesh or the speaker itself.

Canned air, the kind used to clean computers and keyboards can also work well once you have loosened the particles, but be careful not to hold it too close as it could damage the sensitive membranes of the speakers, we recommend holding it as far as a 30cm away just to be safe.

Once you are satisfied with your efforts make a test call to see if the speaker is performing better. There may be other reasons your speaker is not working and we will touch on these in future posts.

Our upcoming post is “How to Clean Your iPhone”.


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